I am passionate about giving our guests an inspired experience of well-executed, creative cuisine along with knowledgeable, nurturing service. It’s also my belief that a restaurant is a place that creates a sense of community. We open our doors to guests with an invitation to be part of that community, and in the case of Tilth, one that supports the local, sustainable and organic community.

The dinner table is a place where affection is shown through cooking and restoring nourishment for those you care about. Having Tilth allows my team and I the opportunity to show affection to our guests as well as a larger community that takes our beliefs a step further.

The links below showcase other ways in which we are working with both the local and national community. This work is based on the principle that every human being should have the right to afford and access safe, healthy and sustainable food.

The Mountaineers

As a lover of Washington’s green spaces, I serve on the advisory council to the Mountaineers, in order to help protect, educate and celebrate our wild places, with everyone in the community

Seattle Culinary Academy

SCA is the best culinary program in Seattle, in my opinion. It’s an honor to be a chef adviser to the faculty on current trends and curriculum ideas in order to continue turning out talented chefs who will further shape our local food industry.

american chef corp

On 9/7/12, Chef Maria Hines became part of the American Chef Corps. Less than 100 chefs across the nation were chosen for this honor. The Diplomatic Culinary Partnership was initiated by Hillary Rodham Clinton. The mission is to incorporate food, hospitality, and the dining experience into Hillary Clinton’s “smart power” approach to diplomacy, which encourages the use of every diplomatic tool available to share our values, promote mutual understanding, and create conditions for a peaceful, stable, prosperous world. The partnership will strengthen the Department of State’s formal diplomatic engagements with foreign leaders and will foster cross-cultural exchange between our nation and others around the world.

The American Chef Corps is a network of chefs from across the country who have agreed to serve as resources to the Department of State in its efforts to incorporate culinary engagement into its ongoing public diplomacy efforts.

In 2012, chef Maria did her 1st assignment, in sicily working with the US embassy in naples to promote a Sicilian-American cross-cultural exchange through a cooking demonstration of an American thanksgiving traditional dish inspired by Sicilian ingredients. It was aired on a local Sicilian television channel.


james beard foundation sustainable food system programs

Chef maria attended the pilot chef boot camp for policy and change and was then invited back by the james beard foundation as the representing alumni to talk to the following year’s chef boot campers. The chef’s boot camp for policy and change provides a unique opportunity for civically and politically minded chefs to become more effective leaders for food-system change. During thematic retreats around the country, participants receive advocacy and media training while learning about important issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the food world. The goal is to build a growing network of like minded chefs, to provide support for personal interests and passions, and give tools and guidance that will help them act as influential advocates.

Chef Maria has become an advisor to the chef action network (CAN) that is being supported by the james beard foundation. This up and coming non profit organization connects chefs to the experts, tools and resources they need to create lasting change in their communities, the country, and the world. CAN is focused on harnessing the power of America’s preeminent chefs to help create awareness about, and inspire people to take action in support of-a strong, just, and healthy food system.

Chef Maria was so inspired by the chef boot camp, that she invited the james beard foundation to come and facilitate a seattle salon in july of 2013.  The salon consisted of 12 seattle chefs and 12 local food advocacy and policy representatives. The goal was to allow chefs to engage, learn, collaborate, network, and take action in their effort to heal our city’s, our nation’s, and our planet’s broken food system. The james beard foundation was so pleased by the outcome that they will use the james beard seattle salon as a pilot to reproduce in other local communities.

superchefs against superbugs

Superchefs against superbugs is a movement of chefs who want to stop the overuse of antibiotics in the production of chickens, cows, and pigs. the program was initiated by the Pew charitable trust campaign on human health and industrial farming. chef maria has signed on as a superchef for the program, along with other celebrity chefs such as hugh acheson, sam talbot, tom colicchio, suzanne goin and mary sue milliken, to name a few.


gmo labeling

In august of 2013, chef maria is hosted a happy hour talk, to promote passing legislation to ensure that genetically engineered foods are labeled in washington state. She will be partnering with Theo’s Chocolate Company on other Yes on 522 campaigns, to work on the issue.


food equality

Chef maria has been working on fundraising, educational outreach, and lending support to the Seattle based Fresh Bucks program. Fresh Bucks is a nutrition incentive program launched in 2012 that doubles the purchasing power for low-income Seattle residents who use their federal food stamp benefits (now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers markets. Fresh Bucks helps low-income families afford healthy foods, diversifies the customer base of farmers markets, and keeps food dollars in our regional economy. Many low-income individuals find that cost is a primary barrier to eating recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, and Fresh Bucks helps them to afford these foods.

pcc farmland trust

Chef maria was a board member of the non profit, pcc farmland trust. The land trust’s mission is to secure, preserve, and steward threatened farmland in the northwest, ensuring that generations of local farmers continue productive farming using sustainable, organic growing methods. The Farmland Trust takes its mission one step further by working to place farmers on rescued property, actively producing food for the local community. Some of the farmland the trust has saved include full circle farm, growing things, nash’s, bennington place, jubilee farm, 20 acres farm, and tahoma farm.

Seattle Restaurant Week

Chef Maria is the co-founder and co-chair of Seattle Restaurant Week. There are over 150 restaurants that benefit from this promotion in the greater Seattle area. It’s a fantastic time for Seattle diners to receive a special discount during select weeks throughout the year. For more information, visit Seattlerestaurantweek.net.

Pulse Health Pilot Program

In March of 2014 Chef Maria participated in an event here in Seattle to help promote passage of the Pulse Health Initiative.  The initiative is an addendum to the current Farm Bill before the U.S. Congress.  Washington Senator Maria Cantwell is sponsoring the bill in order to help fight the growing epidemic of obesity in America, particularly in children.

The Pulse Health Initiative is under the Research Title of the Farm Bill.  The Pulse Health Initiative aims to find solutions, through research on pulse crops, to the critical health and sustainability challenges facing the US and the world.  The initiative will focus on three major goals: 1) Reducing Obesity and Chronic Diseases; 2) Reducing Global Hunger; and 3) Improving Sustainability.  Pulse crops are nutrient dense foods that are high in dietary fiber, potassium, protein and other nutrients.  They are also one of the few crops that fix nitrogen in the soil.  Unfortunately, the lack of research on these crops has become an impediment to unlocking the potential health and sustainability benefits pulse crops have to offer.

Chef Maria with Senator Cantwell

Chef Maria with Senator CantwellChef Maria promoting the Pulse Health Initiative