Welcome to the Tilth Wine Club!

It’s here! We are thrilled to offer you, our guests, an experience not found elsewhere: food-friendly, off-the-beaten path wines, curated by our own sommelier, Andre Godsil. Our monthly 4-bottle wine club selection comes from tried-and-tested food pairings and is aimed to foster a love of wine, be the stuff of conversation while entertaining at home, and welcome lesser-known varieties to your collection (but drink these, by all means!).


Thank you for joining,

-Maria Hines

Wine Club Details

  • Four Bottle Selection @ $115 plus Tax
  • Feel Free to pick up your wine @ Tilth  between 2-6pm 7 days of the week
  • A copy of the wine and pairing notes will be included with your purchase
  • Clink on the Tilth Link below to sign up or feel free to call the Restaurant.

Meet Andre Godsil, Tilth Sommelier and GM


Gobble Gobble to one and all, it is time to pick the wine for your Thanksgiving Feast!  I have picked wine that is meant to be paired with a wide variety of dishes ranging from Turkey to dressing and all of your side dishes. My thought was to offer A variety of Cru Beaujolais wines, these are Not Beaujolais Noveau!  When I say that I mean to be very clear that these Gamay grape wines have had time to age, have complexity and display a representation of place (or Terrior for the wine nerds).  Sorry for the rant, but there are some wonderful wines that come from this sub region in France that do not get to shine very often and Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to enjoy them.  I also have selected an aged Chardonnay from a very well known Oregon producer.  Enjoy your tryptophan nap everyone!


Being part of the Tilth family has been one of the most rewarding positions of my career and launching the Tilth Wine Club is part of that: I love exposing guests to new and exciting wines that might otherwise be overlooked. My experience has allowed me to learn about different grape varieties and regions lesser known to the average wine drinker. Many wines I try come from producers that do not have tasting rooms, or they only taste by appointment. Well beyond grocery store shelves and a restaurant wine list’s usual suspects. You have a wine resource in me, and in Tilth!


On this journey, my goal is to talk about wine in a way that makes sense to both novices and seasoned wine drinkers. This is meant to be fun and take the guesswork out of finding cool wines, so consider this enclosure with its tasting notes, fun tidbits and Chef Maria’s food pairings to be your monthly road map as we go.


  -Andre Godsil

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1.) 2013 Ken Wright Chardonnay "Celilo Vineyards"

This is one of my favorite sites for Washington Chardonnay, Celilo Vineyards located above the Columbia River Gorge is a much cooler site than most of Washington's wine regions. That being said, this Chardonnay grape has a higher acid level and helps to give the wine a round balanced note when blended with oak barrel aging.  Wonderful notes of Baked Apple, Light Brioche and baking spice are present in addition to a luscious mouthfeel on the palate.  Ken Wright is a famous producer of Oregon Pinot Noir and this Chardonnay proves he has the skill to also offer a full and nuanced white wine.





2.) 2016 Lucien Lardy Fleurie "Les Chenes"

The Region of Fleurie within Beaujolais are well known for light and floral wines, Lardy has made a wine that has these notes but with structure.  Cherry and Rose petal are apparent but the body of the wine has an earthiness, to be enjoyed by people who like more “oomph” in a Red.  12 month aging in Oak Barrels provides the maturity necessary to bring the Gamay wine together.




3.) 2017 Lucien Lardy Beaujolais- Villages “ Vignes De 1951”

The Lardy B.V. is the most fruit forward of the wine I have chosen for Thanksgiving.  Candied Cherries and Currants come to mind for me, but there is a silky quality to this wine.  1951 was the year the Gamay vines were planted, long story short the older the grape vines the more the fruit will impart the soil they came.  The majority of house guests will enjoy this Beaujolais because it is great with almost all of the Thanksgiving dishes thrown at them.




4.) 2017 Daniel Bouland Morgon “Bellevue”

Morgon has always been my favorite region within Beaujolais. These Gamay wines treat most like Pinot Noir from Burgundy but at a fraction of the cost. Very mineral driven but an abundance of ripe dark fruit prevails, while a thread of tannin makes the wine greater than the sum of its parts.  I would consider the Bouland  Morgon to be the most full bodied of the Thanksgiving wine I have chosen, but again all of this wine is made to pair with Thanksgiving dishes.


Maria Recommends: Pair with your family's Thanksgiving Feast! Happy Holidays!